Navigating the Tide:

Online series for New Muslims

After becoming Muslim, a person is faced with a number of challenges. One of the hardest challenges is learning the basics of his or her new faith. Dawah Corps has formulated an online series of courses focusing on new Muslims. By the click of a button, new Muslims can log on to a graphically appealing platform containing video, audio, and powerpoint presentations and then test themselves by the use of interactive online quizzes. These courses are meant to cover the foundations of Islam in a clear, practical and easy going manner. The installments of this series include:

  • Foundations of faith
  • Purification and prayer
  • Stress Alert: Breaking it to the family
  • Integration: Introduction to the Muslim American community
  • Purifying the soul in the transition phase

The construction of a complete curriculum is currently in progress including stages of learning and specific assigned reading per stage. The first installment will be purification and prayer, being launched this summer, inshaAllah. Stay tuned!