The Murabitoon Series:

Online Dawah Training Seminars

The Murabitoon Series is a three tier online dawah training series taking a person from no or little knowledge about dawah and transforming them into a seasoned dai’e. The three tiers will, inshaAllah, be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. Students progressing to the intermediate level will be equipped to implement and teach the beginner level; likewise, students progressing to the advanced level can facilitate the intermediate level.

Some of the subjects that the Murabitoon Series will cover are:

  • Arguments for Tawheed
  • The Quran’s Rational Arguments
  • The Prophetic Method of Dawah
  • Fiqh al Dawah
  • Orientalist’s Arguments
  • Street Dawah: Parameters & Planning
  • Atheism at its Worse: Modern Authors’ Fallacies

Keep checking back at the Dawah Corps website for more information and initiation of the beginning stage.