Dawah Table

Dawah Table [ da-wah taybl]: -Noun.
1. information table, like that of other organizations where people are provided with :
- a living example of Islam and Muslims
- literature about Islam
- spontaneous dialogue.
2. reception table for those interested in MSA announcements and activities.
3. a place located in a common area of the campus where Muslims and primarily non-Muslims get information related to the MSA.

In a 2004 study by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, it was found that four out of five college students, “have an interest in spirituality” and “believe in the sacredness of life” . College is a time for exploration for most people and a time when people recognize the truth of Islam. The primary vehicle for information on Islam on college campuses is the Dawah Table. Yet, it is one of the most underutilized dawah tools by Muslims on college campuses.

A brief survey of dawah tables on college campuses across the U.S. compared with other information tables (e.g. credit card companies, religious groups, or social activists) highlights the situation. While other information tables have screen printed table cloths, professionally designed pop up banners and aesthetically appealing literature, dawah tables are marred with shoddy looking poster board with marker writing, poorly written and designed literature, and under informed students standing at the table.

Dawah Corps has been advising MSAs on the “Usool at – Taawillah” (principles of the Dawah Table). We cover every aspect from motivating and educating your members, providing effective literature, and proceeding through to the final table set up. Dawah Corps can “turn the tables” and help resurrect the infamous dawah table on your campus. For more information, contact us.