About us

About Us

Few people are familiar with the name Abdullah ibn Yasin. Yet, it was at the hands of this very man that the religious, political, social and spiritual landscape of Africa changed forever. He was a scholar of the Maliki legal school who was asked by the leader of the Berber tribe of Judalla to come and call the people to Allah. When he went to this tribe, he was faced with an immense opposition to his call and consequently, was kicked out of the city. Instead of simply giving up, he decided to set up camp deep in the desert and ask anyone who was interested in Islam to come to him to learn. Only five men from the tribe of Judalla came but Abdullah ibn Yasin was determined and started to teach them Islam. These five men were each asked to bring one person from their tribe to learn. This trend continued until the people, under the tutelage of Abdullah ibn Yasin, numbered in the thousands. These students were called the Murabitoon and it was by way of the Murabitoon that one third of Africa came under the fold of Islam!

Abdullah ibn Yasin had a simple methodology to his success: He followed the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh in his calling to Islam (dawah) and in his reviving the Quran and the Sunnah (tarbiyah) in the hearts and minds of the people. It is in this ‘spirit of the Murabitoon’ that Dawah Corps was formed.

Our Mission

After the events of September 11, 2001, there has been a dramatic shift in the general opinions shared by Americans regarding Islam and Muslims. These opinions are often driven by media misrepresentations, a lack of knowledge about Islam and certain concerted efforts to demonize Islam. In such an environment, it behooves Muslim communities to be educated about their religion and especially, be equipped with the proper methodology of inviting people to the beautiful teachings of Islam. It is these and other pertinent needs of the Muslim community that Dawah Corps aims to fulfill.

Dawah Corps is a non-profit, educational organization with two primary objectives:

    1. The preparation and education of Muslims to bring about dialogue and dawah in various environments.

    2. The tarbiyah (nurturing) of new Muslims in the vast Muslim American context.