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So your iPod is jammed and you take it to Mike’s repair shop. Good ole’ Mike takes out a hammer, a chisel, and a pair of pliers. In utter dismay, you ask Mike if he has ever repaired an iPod, to which he answers, “No, but everyone knows how to repair an iPod, right?”

So…everyone knows how to make dawah, right? Believe it or not, every person has some sort of an opinion about making dawah. Some people say you should use Zen philosophy to guide people to Islam. Others say you should use the Bible and another group is talking about guiding people through Buddhist ideals, and the list goes on. With all of these various methodologies it seems like there is a great deal of confusion for a religion that claims to have a simple message.

Consider this:

The Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, “Indeed I have left you upon a clear white path, its night is like its day…”

Thus, everything we need to know about our religion has been made crystal clear to us through Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh example. Included on this lucid path is the way all the Prophets of God called people to Islam (may peace be upon them).

So, if you are looking for the Prophetic methodology of Dawah, in lieu of everything else…you have found it. Welcome to Dawah Corps.